Monday, March 7, 2011

Coupons – Every Little Bit Helps

These days, every little bit helps.  I’m still amazed at some of the coupon deals that I’ve found.  And, to be honest, still feeling a little naive for having paid full price for so long.  I picked up these deals at Fred’s.  On Saturday’s, Fred’s will double coupons up to .70 cents.  I had six Ajax Dish Liquid coupons for fifty cents each.  So, that was a $1 off.  Well, the bottles only cost a $1 each.  The net was ten cents each bottle for the sales tax.  The Gain Fabric Softener Sheets, Original Fresh, 120-count were $4.30 each, but I had a $3 coupon.  The net cost was $1.70 each with sales tax. The whole trip cost $4 for a total savings of $12! In this week's sale flyer, the fabric sheets are on sale for $3 a box, so I could have gotten those for free if I had waited another week. But, I'm still happy with this shopping trip.
How did you save money this week?$ 

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