Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Have you ever thought about how many times someone goes out of their way to help you during the year? Christmas always has me thinking about that and how fortunate I am these days. You’ll see gift and tipping guides for most everyone from the newspaper carrier to your housekeeper. Well, okay, I do have a newspaper carrier, but definitely not a housekeeper. Though, I could really use one right now! Dust bunnies aside, now’s a good time to remember some every day heroes uniform that are there for us when we’re under the weather.
I’m thinking in particular of dedicated workers in the medical field. The ones that hold your hand in comfort, give you encouragement, and even fuss on you a bit when you’re not following your diet. Granted, most of the time you see someone in nursing scrubs, you’re probably not thinking about bringing them cookies. And, I’m sure they don’t want you baking while sick! But, if you’re well this year, why not bake a few extra goodies to drop by your doctor’s office? If you’re not keen on baking, you could put together a gift basket that included hand-lotions and maybe a couple of cute scrub tops. These days scrub clothing comes in lots of cool designs that anyone would appreciate. It’s just a nice way to say ‘thank-you’ for all those times you worked me in for an emergency appointment.
How will you spread cheer this Christmas season?

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Sunflower Sue said...

I agree with you. This includes friends also.

Each year I tell myself that I should do this all year but seem to fall short. I am going to try harder this year.