Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving – A Time to Experiment?

X Marks the Spot in the Hollow
‘X’ Marks the spot!  Buried treasure in the sky?  It’s all I could think of when I saw this just in time to snap a quick picture.  Isn’t the Internet like a treasure chest of information?  Some baubles are cheap plastic, but some are real treasures.

Thanksgiving Dinner is not a time for experiments.  If you want to add a new recipe to the table, try it out first instead of waiting for ‘the’ day.  And, when it comes to recipes, trust those product websites for no-fail recipes.  They have devoted many hours in their test kitchens before publishing a recipe.  Trust your blogger friends too.  We’ve likely served the dish to our family and friends before posting.
This year I’m adding Classic Baked Corn Pudding.  It’s a recipe from Betty Crocker and I tried out out last weekend.  It’s absolutely delicious!

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