Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cooking with Gas?

I spent years cooking without the benefit of an oven. The stove I had belonged to my Grandmother and it was an old gas range. The oven had been repaired a couple of times at a pretty high cost, but it never worked properly. So, I just used the burners on top and borrowed the use of my Mother's oven whenever it was absolutely necessary. I saved money for a long time before I finally purchased a new electric stove. I wish I had known about "" back then. This comparison shopper site helps you make a really informed choice about your purchase because you can compare each item side by side.
I eventually bought a smooth top range and love it. But, I had to learn to cook on electric again after all those years of cooking on a gas range. I know a lot of cooks prefer gas. If you have the right pan, it's great. But, most of my pans were thin and I never could 'simmer' anything. It would always end up boiling even when I had the burner turned down to warm. But, it was great for roasting a marshmallow indoors!
My first baked item in my new oven? Cinnamon rolls! And, everyone at the office was thankful! How about you? What's your favorite - gas or electric?

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