Friday, August 12, 2011

Corn Beef Hash

Growing up, if times were good, we'd have a beef roast for Sunday Dinner.  Then on Monday, Mom would make Hash.  I ran across this recipe and it brought back memories so I thought I'd share it with you.  This uses corned beef, but you could use any leftover meat.
Corn Beef Hash

Corned Beef
Salt and Pepper
Lump of Butter

Chop the meat fine, add the same bulk of potatoes or a little more. Put into a saucepan or spider a lump of butter the size of an egg, and a few spoonfuls of milk or water. When bubbling, put in the meat and potatoes, and a little salt and pepper, if you like. Stir for a while, then let it stand ten or fifteen minutes, until a crust is formed at the bottom. Loosen from the pan with a cake-turner. Turn a warm platter over it. Turn pan and hash together quickly and serve. If you have a scant quantity, place it on slices of toasted bread, which have been buttered and wet with hot water.

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Sunflower Sue said...

I love hash and eggs with toast on the side. Do you know what a spider is?