Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reuben Rolls



Our Christmas tradition has always  been a huge breakfast on Christmas Day rather than a Christmas Dinner.  So, on Christmas Eve, we usually have a few appetizers.  I love Reuben sandwiches, and Pillsbury  Refrigerated Crescent Rolls are the perfect way to begin a recipe.  These Reuben Rolls are an easy creation and you can add your own favorite fillers by making substitutions.

How do you like my platters?  Pillsbury provided those to me along with free Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent  Rolls through MyBlogSpark!  If you’ve ever visited the Pillsbury website, you know they have an abundance of tried and true recipes.  There are three in particular made with crescent rolls that I love:

Crescent-Wrapped Brie

Crescent Bacon-Cheese Tartlets

Crescent Holiday Tree

Thanks to Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark, I have a Creative Creations prize pack to give away.  It includes 2 VIP coupons for Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent dough and great holiday platters.  But, first I need you to vote on which of the above recipe is your favorite.  Then I’ll re-create it with a few tweaks of my own.  You know how I love to change a recipe!  Just leave a comment on which recipe you like, and I’ll cook it up in a day or so. 

And, to get you started, here’s the recipe for my Rueben Rolls.

Reuben Rolls

1 pkg Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent Rolls

8 slices of corned beef – sliced very thin

4 slices of Swiss cheese – sliced in 1-inch strips

1/4 cup Bavarian Sauerkraut

1 tablespoon brown deli mustard

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  Lightly grease a cookie sheet.  Drain kraut well and set aside.  Separate and unroll Crescent rolls.  In each roll layer corned beef, cheese and kraut.  Squeeze a small amount of mustard onto kraut.  Roll up starting at the large end and rolling to smaller end – just like you are making crescent rolls.  Place on cookie sheet and bake 11-12 minutes or until golden brown.  If you use different fillers, top each roll with sesame seeds or cheese so you can tell the difference!


Anonymous said...

I like the Christmas Tree

Katy ~ said...

Those reuben crescents do sound good. I haven't had a reuben in ages, and now I'm craving one. Good post!

Karin said...

The Crescent Bacon Cheese Tartlets is my choice of the three.

MMMMMM! Reubens! Love them. Had lunch with my mom last week and ordered a reuben. It was delicious.

Anonymous said...

I like the Reuben roll recipe...I can't wait to try it.

Daniela6968 said...

Ohhh, the bacon cheese tartlets sound so good!

Anonymous said...

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