Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't Make a Clean Spot

I made the mistake of making a clean spot on my kitchen counter this evening. From there it expanded, and I spent several hours working on the clutter that has accumulated since the Holiday's started. I'm very lucky to have a large country kitchen with lots of counter space. But, when I think of my 'dream kitchen', my vision includes a enclume pot rack.
I love the idea of enclume pot racks keeping everything within easy reach while cooking. Not only do they have a wide assortment of hanging pot racks, but they also have freestanding pot racks. Now, why didn't I think of this first? Freestanding enclume potracks can give you extra counter space along with the storage you need. And, this time of the year, we need all the extra space we can get!

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Katy ~ said...

My have a tiny 4-room house so space is at a HUGE premium. I have the hanging potrack over my counter (LUV LUV LUV it!!) but how doggone clever to have a freestanding potrack. I have JUST the place for one and what a BOON it would be to have one. Of course, it would be a bigger boon yet to have $1400 plus postage in disposable cash to buy one. Will have to keep my eye open for something recyclable at the yard sales and antique shops. This was a super super idea!!!!