Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simple Green Bean Casserole

Simple Cookery Green and Wax Bean Casserole

Have you noticed how many Green Bean Casserole recipes are out there?  I’ve got several versions of the famous one that have been handed down from my Grandmothers.  Each one varies just a bit.  But, I ran across this great Green Bean Casserole recipe at atasteofdixie.blogspot.com.  I pretty much followed the recipe, but omitted the sugar & salt.  I also decided to top it with bacon bits and only a cup of cheese rather than Ritz crackers.  Sorry, but sometimes it’s just about what I have in the kitchen!  Everyone loved this dish!  (You’ll notice most of it was eaten before I could snap a picture!) I served it with oven baked chicken, but honestly, I think I could have just eaten the casserole.  I can’t imagine how delicious the original must be!

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mdstacey said...

Glad you liked the recipe... I'll have to try the bacon bits! Sounds great! I am a HUGE bacon fan!