Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kitchen Mishaps

I've been fortunate in the kitchen and only had a couple of grease fires. Nothing serious enough for a fire department, but enough to spread a foul smell throughout the house and to consider carpet and furniture cleaning. But, the other day, I left a non-stick pan on the burner to heat up. The phone rang, and I thought I had turned it off. Instead, I left it on high. After the phone call, I didn't go back in the kitchen. It wasn't too long before I smelled the fumes. Thankfully, nothing caught on fire and the pan was not ruined. But, the smell in the house, oh my. I had to open all the windows and doors and the temp outside was well below freezing. It made me wish I had Fridge-It Naturally Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber on hand. Of course, the central heat kicked on as soon as I opened the windows which had me wondering about air duct cleaning process. Have you ever looked in your air conditioning ducts? Think of your dirtiest filter and multiply that by ten. Then add my kitchen fumes on top of it!
We have so many modern conveniences these days, but sometimes just expect them to work all the time with no human error. Leaving a burner on too long or burning something in the oven can really change the air quality in your house for days. Even those scented candles we love can leave candle soot damage. So, be careful and take care!

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