Sunday, July 15, 2012

Irish Pancakes

We used to have pancakes on Sunday mornings.  Mom was always finding a use for leftover mashed potatoes.  Have you ever used them in pancakes?  It gives them a delicious flavor.  Try this recipe the next time you're looking for something different.  
One cup mashed potatoes,
Two cups flour,
One teaspoon salt,
Three teaspoons baking powder,
Two eggs,
One cup milk,
Four tablespoon maple syrup (or corn syrup),
One and one-half teaspoons nutmeg.
Beat to thoroughly mix and then bake on a griddle. Spread with butter and sugar.

I've made pancakes so many times, I don't really think about all the steps involved in cooking them.  If you're new to this and need more directions, check out for step by step directions.

Check this out for tips on making perfect pancakes.

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Una Semplice Passione said...

I've never tried potatoes in pancakes but it sounds like something I would like to try, maybe in autumn.