Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Thanks to Lemuel Craft

We upgraded our television package at recently. I am certainly glad that we did. The other day, on some of the movie channels that we got, in anticipation of the upcoming “Breaking DawnPart One” that is going to be released they were playing the first twilight movies. I spent most of yesterday watching a marathon. I had forgotten how much that I loved to watch the movies together. When the first movie came out, my friends and I were totally obsessed and even joined the Robert Pattinson Offical Fan Club and also had “Twilight” themed parties at each of our houses. I know that it is silly, but at the time we absolutely loved it and thought that it was a great idea. Now, watching the movies in order again, I realize why I loved the series so much. I had to call all of my girlfriends who are in to the whole “Twilight” thing and let them know exactly how excited that I still was to see “Breaking Dawn Part One”. The anticipation in killing me. I hate that there is only one last installment of the series left.

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