Saturday, October 29, 2011

Holiday Baking & Gifts

Have you started planning your Holiday baking?  October is usually the time I start making lists.  The key is remembering to bring those lists to the store!  If you use a lot of candy in your baking, Halloween sales are a great time to pick up some extra bags.  As I’m shopping for others, I am always tempted to pick up something new for myself.  And, I’m a slave to kitchen gadgets.

I remember the year I purchased my KitchenAid stand mixer.  I hovered around the store for weeks until it finally went on sale.  It’s so much easier to shop online now.  On thing to always remember when you are purchasing a new product is to check out the accessories and replacement parts.  You don’t have to buy all kitchenaid food processor parts in one order.  Buy the ones you need most and then space out the other purchases so you stay within your budget.  Keep those accessories in mind when you are gift shopping this year.  Almost everyone has a secret ‘gourmet’ cook in their circle of friends.  You could make up a basket of kitchen goodies and add a couple of unique accessories.  I can’t think of anything I’d like better for Christmas!  What’s on your wish list this year?

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Sunflower Sue said...

I love my Kitchenaid mixer. I use it constantly this time of year. Have you seed the new blade you can get? I has the rubber side that scrapes the bowl as it mixes. I got one and it is the best!