Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cool Kitchen Gadget - Grill Charms

Most of my friends know that I had a couple of food allergy episodes this Summer. Thankfully, my allergies are mild and easily managed. But, it really did start me thinking about what foods I eat and how they are prepared. These days, whether you are cooking for your family or for a crowd, it can get pretty complicated when dealing with different tastes, allergies or health issues. I'm sure you've been there too. Did I put salt on that steak? Is that chicken breast the one with no garlic powder? Well I found a new product to eliminate all that guess work. Grill Charms are made from stainless steel and you place them in your food before you start grilling. They have a serrated stem that will hold them in place when you are flipping your food while grilling. You can mark you food according to how it is to be cooked - well done, medium rare, etc. or how spicy you want it seasoned. More information on Grill Charms can be found at their website - Grill Charms. Simple Cookery followers get a special discount code for Grill Charms. For $5 off, put "grilling" in the coupon code when ordering. There is still time for Christmas Eve delivery if you order by December 20th.
Grill Charms is a registered trademark and used with permission. For product and trademark information, please visit their website at .

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